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Our Story

Steve and Tanya

We are the owners of

Greens on Foreteenth!

We love our northern Minnesota area and have lived in Virginia MN for the past 26 years. We have 3 boys- Cooper, Sam, and Kirby. And two small dogs, Chewy and Casper. Baseball and golf season is our favorite time of year! Bring on the sun! From April through October we love to cheer on the Minnesota Twins, spend time outside - and GOLF! Mini, regular and disc.


How it all began.....

 Steve called home in mid August and said, "We should do something on our own. We should start something!" To which I (Tanya) replied, "You mean start a business?" And then I said, "Well, the economy isn't the greatest right now and we really aren't all that good at anything."

It was about 2 weeks later and it hit me like a TON of bricks. Standing in the middle of the living room and I said out loud - "Oh - My - Gosh!! That's it!! We're good at FUN!!!" We should build a miniature golf course.

Seriously, that actually happened.

The next day, August 24, 2020, while hiking at Big Aspen Trail I nervously told Steve about this possibility. We discussed and we said YES! Then we went to work! We made the pact that day at Big Aspen Trail. We were ALL IN 100% no matter what happened. We would keep working, pushing, eating, sleeping and breathing mini golf until this crazy dream was built! 

 We hope you love mini golfing at “Greens on Foreteenth!”

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